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If you have a business idea that can change your life and change the world for the better, this is your place

You have these great ideas in mind, but like most people, they stay in your mind. Either you never get started, or you start but you don’t move.

We’ve been there before too and we totally get it. If you…

  • – Don’t know where to start
  • – Don’t know how to take the leap to level-up your business
  • – Afraid of what’s on the other side
  • – Don’t have good contacts to get ahead
  • – Wish you don’t have to start and run a business alone
  • – Are tired of taking course after course, joining one motivation talk to another and then going back to your usual life after
  • – Need someone to keep you accountable

You’re in the right place. Once you’re one of us, we’ll take care of you. Tinted Wateva is a friendly community of businesswomen that’s also designed to be your growth platform. We know the power of a community of women supporting you. We have the unique and perfect mix in our community, big names, women who are experts and thriving in their business, as well as ambitious women who are just starting out or owners of growing businesses. In our community, there’s no segregation or arrogance, it’s a friendly thriving community of women supporting each other to build a life they love.

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Whether you are starting or growing your business, wearing many hats in business means you need to constantly improve your knowledge, and form strategic alliances with other businesswomen. Under our membership, you get full access to 1 online talk, 1 in-person Masterclass at a member’s club, 1 social event to meet, have fun and connect with other businesswomen in a stress-free setting. You also get access to a private community where you can seek mutual support, and an extensive online library of all past sessions to access anytime anywhere.


Hate committing to a membership and prefer to pick and choose when you wanna join us? We welcome that. Enjoy ala carte prices at our online talks, masterclasses, and social events when you feel like it, no strings attached.

Accountability Coaching

If have great dreams and vision for your business but feel stuck, struggle with procrastination, or have lost your motivation for a while, this is for you. Our monthly accountability coaching helps you to identify the root cause of your procrastination, come up with a plan for you and ensure that you get things done. We do it firmly, but kindly and will cheer you on all the way!


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