Lavania Rosie

Lavania is the co-founder of Tinted Wateva. She is also the founder of Dance Embassy.

Recognised as Singapore’s Top 20 female entrepreneurs by Zee TV APAC and awarded the Mrs Singapore ASEAN title in 2018 and the Crown of Compassion in 2019, she comes with a decade of experience in dance, fitness and advocates for mental and physical wellness.

Lavania was chosen to create the world’s first Bollywood Dance Fitness podcast on Amazon Audible in 2020 during Singapore’s circuit breaker.

She has created an unparalleled connection with people around the world, making her one of the most respected wellness instructors in Singapore. She opened her first joint venture “BollyFreak Dance Fitness studio” in Mumbai in 2019 and has led several dance workshops in France, Bangladesh, Malaysia & India. She has worked with some of the Top names in the industry and has been featured on several media platforms.

A community builder, Lavania has long believed that empowering others creates growth and opportunities for us all.


Shifaa Sheikh

Shifaa Sheikh is the co-founder of Tinted Wateva and also the founder of Shifaa Socials. She started her entrepreneurial journey at 17 with Shifaa Socials and a couple other businesses that has shaped her into the confident entrepreneur she is today.

Shifaa’s forte is in building a vibrant community on social media and nurturing audiences through meaningful social media content. She handles many business social media accounts and draws inspiration from her experience of working in an international Ad agency previously and also from winning many advertising awards when she was an undergraduate.

Shifaa has a passion for helping others and for empowering other women to be their best selves. Shifaa is passionate about entrepreneurs living a balanced life and being gentle to themselves and when she’s not working she’s usually spending her time learning new things, cooking, or spending time with family and friends!

How we started

It’s the story of women supporting women. When 17 year old Shifaa was still in college and looking to earn some cash through her social media skills. Lavania gave her, her first opportunity and first real client. Lavania was not only a client to her, but also a business mentor and a good friend. As Shifaa grew, learnt and improved, she then returned the support to Lavania, helping to grow her business through social media and encouraging her to put herself out there. Both Lavania and Shifaa realised how much they’ve grown from just believing in each other and felt like there was a calling to expand this mutual support to other women. Thus, Tinted Wateva was born! The place where women believe in each other, help and support each other to greater heights.